Free The Whales!


I always wanted to go to a marine park like Seaworld but after seeing Blackfish and reading about the issue, I’ll never set foot in a place like that.

Animal Concern

Why Orcas Don’t Deserve Captivity

Killer Whale This isn’t natural

Killer Whales also referred to as Orcas or Blackfish are found throughout all the worlds’ oceans from Icy Artic to Tropical seas. They are very social and intelligent creatures, with many staying, hunting and living with their families for their entire life. In the wild they have diets ranging from some feeding exclusively on fish, while others hunting sea lions, seals, walruses and even other whales.

Wild Orcas have a long life expectancy similar to that of humans with males living up to 60 years old and females from 80 to 100 years of age. However the average life spans are around 50 years for females and around 30 years for their male counterparts. Unfortunately for many of the Orcas being kept captive do not live as long as wild whales. With not many captive killer whales making it past 25 years…

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