Do One Thing


Starting today, do what enriches your spirit. When you feel hopeless, open your book, pray, meditate, go for a walk. I don’t care what religion you are, or if you aren’t religious. Just do what makes you feel like a better person. Spend more time with your partner, your kids, your pets. Volunteer. Foster a pet. Donate food to a food pantry. Be a Big Brother or Big Sister. Call up Meals on Wheels and offer your time. Mow your neighbor’s yard for free. Buy an extra bag of dog food and take it to a shelter. Make art and share it. Make a quilt and give it to a shelter for battered women. Tell someone online not to commit suicide, even if you don’t know them IRL, even if you don’t know if they’re serious. Put your phone down and listen to your great-aunt tomorrow at your family’s holiday dinner. Do the dishes so your host won’t have to.

Do one thing. Do one thing and then you’ll find yourself doing another, and another.


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