Novels by Elizabeth Engstrom


Novels by Elizabeth Engstrom

Lizzie Borden, 1991
The Northwoods Chronicles, 2008

Elizabeth Engstrom’s novel “Lizzie Borden” is a completely unexpected take on a classic American mystery. I borrowed it from a friend 20 years ago and had to buy my own copy because it’s one of those books you read over and over. The author has a talent for making you feel like you’re in the Borden house in the months prior to the murders, feeling the tension build in the weird house. Family members heard something walking in the house in the nights before the murders. What was it? Scenes like that will come back to haunt you when you’re in your own bed in the dark in the middle of the night.

“The Northwoods Chronicles,” Elizabeth Engstrom’s newest work. It’s a short novel told in stories about a town that’s not quite right. I haven’t finished it yet. I’ll properly review it when I do. But I was thrilled to discover that such a talented and unique writer is still working and envisioning plots that are out of the ordinary.


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