WIP excerpt


The Unseelie Court is derived from a Scottish term with several definitions, the primary meaning “unholy,” that derived from a belief that “bad” fairies are the unforgiven dead and the Seelie (blessed) Court is made up of “good” fairies. Other popular opinions conclude that the Unseelie Court is composed of nursery bogles and men set on stealing the virtue of maidens…creatures invented by parents to keep wandering children and vulnerable young girls at home. The “good” fairies of the Seelie Court may be small household fairies who grant boons and do housework until they are offended in some way and disappear. Alternatively, the fairies of the Seelie Court are called “Trooping Fairies” and can be the size and appearance of human beings. They are also described as “the Fair Folk” and may behave mercurially, luring human women (primarily) and men away into their world for purposes of breeding or service. Both courts have been credited with stealing human babies and leaving fairy “changelings” in their places in order to improve the ever weakening fairy bloodline, for crossing the ocean to the New World with immigrants took a great toll on the fairies. The fairies of the Seelie Court are often described as very fair of skin and hair and light of eye color….

“Oh, fuck me,” I said, and let the phone fall to the bed.


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