“I’m dismantlin…


“I’m dismantling who I was and moving it brick by brick. When we’re gone from this life, Jack Crawford and the FBI behind us, I will always have this place.

– In your memory palace?

My palace is vast, even by medieval standards. The foyer is the Norman chapel in Palermo, severe and beautiful and timeless, with a single reminder of mortality: a skull, graven in the floor.

– All I need is a stream.

In those moments when you can’t overcome your surroundings, you can make it all go away.

-Put my head back, close my eyes, wade into the quiet of the stream.

If I’m ever apprehended, my memory palace will serve as more than a mnemonic system. I will live there.

-Could you be happy there?

All the palace chambers are not lovely, light and bright. In the vaults of our hearts and brains, danger waits. There are holes in the floor of the mind.”

Hannibal and Will, Mizumono

(The Norman chapel in Palermo)


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