Not Enough


Did you ever finally get the motivation to do something to change your life…start a fitness routine, go back to school, deal with all the clutter in your house, just get out of bed before noon instead of lying there depressed all day? And did you proudly tell someone who means a lot to you, “I accomplished this today!” and instead of a thumbs-up, get the distinct impression that what you did wasn’t enough? Did that leave you discouraged, thinking why bother?

It was enough. It is enough. If you put one foot before the other, and do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, it is enough. You walked another block today. You started a bag of things to go to the Goodwill. You went to bed when you were tired even though you were afraid your insomnia would keep you awake again. You met with a counselor and decided to start school part-time.

It’s enough. Next week you’ll walk another block, fill up the bag, get used to going to bed a little earlier. Next semester you’ll take a full class load. Don’t let anyone discourage you because you should be doing more because that leads to giving up and doing nothing at all.


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