Art Walkabout – Guest Post by Leona Bushman


Hi everyone!! *waves ecstatically* Thank you for having me on your blog again! I’m here today with my art. I’ve taken many art classes, but it’s been years and years, and I’ve been out of practice. This year, I renewed my commitment to my arts—painting, quilting, sewing, crocheting, writing, oil pastels, soft pastels, etc. as well as adding in a new one, designing fabric.And what a rush it has been!! Throughout time, I try all sorts of styles. Some successful, some not so successful… LOL I have two styles now: Impressionist expressionist, and palette knife a la Georgia O’Keeffe. Love a lot of different types ofart, but these seem to be the ones I can do successfully.Anyway, today, we wave goodbye to Australia and tumble on back to Washington. To begin, we walk along the beaches of Ocean Shores. These lovely beauties are some of my favorites. First up, the oil painting of the rose with black background:

leona 2

As you can hopefully see, it’s very detailed compared to a lot of my work. Mostly, to prove that I could do it 😀 This one is a framed oil pastel piece. It is from a photo I took at Multnomah Falls in Oregon during the fall (Thanksgiving time).

leona 5

Leona 2

leona 1

These are at home with a lovely friend that I hope comes and visits again very soon.

Also in Washington are:

leona 4

This portrait is of my husband and more detailed than normal (again to prove I could do it LOL)

This is from a photo I took while camping in Washington. It’s a beautiful state from the west to the semi arid desert, to the mountains and valleys.

leona 1

Fruits of Summer (pallet knife with oil paints) is available on Etsy:


Do you have a favorite artist? From past and present? I love the impressionists, notably, Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh (I hated Van Gogh during art classes…learned to like him as I was exposed to more of his work J ), Georgia O’Keefe, a lot of Dutch artists, particularly Jan Van Eyck, and his painting, Arnofini Wedding. Modern day includes Russ Potak and Jennifer Beaudet. Okay, anyone who comments, can PM me on Facebook and get 50% off any artwork they’d like! Also, will provide an ACEO (2.5 x 3.5 inches) if I get 20 comments or more on today’s blog. Open to USA, UK, and Canada.

Hope you enjoyed Leona’s work as I did. You can contact her through Etsy.



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