“When you’re looking for the right path, you’re already on it.”

I’ve been floundering for a while, looking for outside validation. What I’ve learned is, I am capable of doing my own research, forming my own opinions AND TRUSTING THEM. I can trust my own intuition. It’s good to look to others for feedback but it’s not good to allow them to pressure you into acceding to their opinion. That’s not healthy. When someone always finds a way to disagree with you, it’s problematic. When someone tries to shout you down, you need to a) keep speaking up and b) disassociate from those who are holding you back.

Is that what Mary Magdalene did? Did she resist being pressured into behaving a certain way, did she challenge a self-identified authority?

Intuition. Every time I’ve felt a situation was wrong, I’ve told myself I was overreacting. And every time, I wasn’t.

Women’s intuition. We should learn to trust it.

mary m book


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