Cracking the Da Vinci Code


I went to a thrift store today for some retail therapy. They had boxes and boxes of books on the sidewalk in front of the store. The first one I saw was “Cracking the Da Vinci Code” by Simon Cox. The author lists the errors in the movie and novel. I flipped through it and was surprised to find that he seems to lean towards agreeing with the theory behind the movie and the “sacred feminine” in general. He lists key elements of the movie alphabetically, explains each one and corrects any liberties Dan Brown took with the facts. He also covers elements of the Grail Heresy left out of the movie, like Black Madonnas. He did not include a section about the fleur de lis, although it may be mentioned in a different section. I haven’t read much so far but it looks like a good book if you’re interested in learning more about the Grail Heresy and the reality behind the novel and movie. The truth is actually more interesting.

“If you are looking for a denouncement of Brown and his novel, you have come to the wrong place–there are other books that will interest you more. This book is aimed squarely at the first subsection of detractors* and at those who love the novel but are a little puzzled about the history and factual evidence behind the book. I have tackled these issues head-on in the following pages.” -Cracking The Da Vinci Code, Simon Cox, 2004.

* “First, there are those who consider Brown’s book to be historically inaccurate and poorly researched.” -Cox, Cracking The Da Vinci Code


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