Poetry and The X-Files


I downloaded some of my favorite X-Files episodes last night. One is “The Field Where I Died.” The episode is about reincarnation and a cult mass suicide. Mulder quotes from a poem, Paracelsus, by Robert Browning: “…at times I almost dream
I too have spent a life the sages’ way,
And tread once more familiar paths. Perchance
I perished in an arrogant self-reliance
Ages ago; and in that act, a prayer
For one more chance went up so earnest, so
Instinct with better light let in by death,
That life was blotted out—not so completely
But scattered wrecks enough of it remain,
Dim memories, as now, when once more seems
The goal in sight again.”

After watching the episode again after several years, I looked up the poem and found another bit I quite like: “For if you would remember me aright,
As I was born to be, you must forget
All fitful strange and moody waywardness
Which e’er confused my better spirit, to dwell
Only on moments such as these, dear friends!”

If you loved that X-Files episode, you’ll love the entire poem. Read it here: http://allpoetry.com/Paracelsus:-Part-I:-Paracelsus-Aspires


2 thoughts on “Poetry and The X-Files

    • I think many of us are. It’s why it’s such a popular theme in TV and movies (and books, of course). This was one of the most well-acted episodes of The X-Files and the idea that Mulder, Scully, Mulder’s sister and other characters had been together in various incarnations for many lives made it even more affecting.

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