I bought this paper doll book for myself. I’ve been wanting it for ages. I couldn’t find a list of all the goddesses included in the book and was delighted to find several lesser-known goddesses as well as goddesses from many cultures.

I’m a “bad” collector. I don’t scan the dolls and print them out and leave the book intact. I cut them right out of the book. I take collectible dolls out of the boxes. I want to really enjoy and appreciate them.

I was looking for a goddess associated with the winter solstice, Yule, or just winter in general. The closest I came was Saulė, a Baltic sun goddess and one I was not familiar with.


However, I kept feeling drawn to Yemaya, a goddess of the ocean and moon. Yemaya is a mother goddess. I read that she was associated with the New Year and felt that she belonged in a special place.


I like to keep myself surrounded with sacred feminine energy. For me, it’s a necessity in this world with so many people who are blatantly hostile to women, to people who don’t follow the “acceptable” religion of the area, to women of color, to women who want the freedom to manage their childbearing, to girls who want to pursue a higher education instead of becoming a child bride. This feminine energy and the energy that I feel when writing are what keeps me going because I don’t have any energy or motivation of my own left these days.


7 thoughts on “Goddesses

  1. I’ll have to look through The Witches’ Goddess by Stewart & Janet Farrar. Off the top of my head I don’t know of any goddesses specifically connected to Yule, Yule is typically the battle of the Oak and Holly Kings when the Holly King reigns until Midsummer/Litha, and the rebirth of the sun god.

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