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I learned about the Colorado Springs NAACP chapter bombing today on Twitter, not from CNN or MSNBC as I should have. I had CNN on all afternoon and then, after a space of a couple of hours, all evening and into the night and have yet to hear one word about the bombing in Colorado Springs or the suspect. CNN is entirely devoting its coverage to the horrifying shootings at the Paris magazine offices. It is, of course, understandable that this international incident that resulted in 12 murders and 11 injured persons is commanding a majority of airtime…but all of the airtime? Much of the video regarding the apparent terror attack in Paris is repetitive and guests are filling up the spaces between the videos with speculation. Why can’t a 24 hour news station like CNN cover stories about two acts of terrorism? People complain about major news stories disappearing from the news channels and from the public discussion. As far as I can see, the problem is mainly the most popular news sources. They drop one story as soon as another develops and devote all their resources to the bigger story.

But the NAACP bombing is a big story and an important story and it’s been ignored…like this post if you wouldn’t have heard about the bombing at the NAACP offices if not for Twitter…when CNN could have spared some time for it and other news while still providing complete coverage of the terror attack in Paris. I’ve just seen photos of two of the Paris terror attack suspects. I’ve only read a vague description of the suspect in the NAACP bombing which was, in my opinion and the opinions of many other people, an incident of domestic terrorism.

This breakdown in news coverage is not going to improve unless we talk about it and complain about it on social media and directly to the news networks.

I’m not saying that any station should cover one story and not another. I’m perfectly horrified by the murders at the magazine offices in Paris and I do want the latest updates about that terror attack…as I want the latest updates about the bombing in Colorado Springs. Why can’t a giant entity like CNN devote time to more than one story? Surely they have enough resources.


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