Some sportsball team played another sportsball team in order to try to advance to be one of the sportsball teams playing in the Sportsball Bowl. But the sportsballs in this sportsball game on the way to the Sportsball Bowl may not have been inflated to the level acceptable to the Sportsball League. So now instead of stories about all the real news in the world, like the president of Yemen abdicating and the rest of his government stepping down, we were treated to a night of cable news show hosts snickering about “deflated balls.”

That’s how sad our national news and our national interests are. Balls, I say. I keep having to put air in my left front tire. That is of real importance, unlike a bunch of squishy sportsballs.


2 thoughts on “Balls

  1. As if it makes any tangible difference to anyone other than the teams, their owners, and their sponsors. I’ve always likened rooting for a pro sports team to rooting for the Board of Directors of Macy’s vs. BoD of Gimbels (if you’re old enough to remember that rivalry).

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