Attempting to unlock the meaning behind a trend


I know why I like to make jewelry with “skeleton” key charms. (As you will discover in the article below, most of those antique keys aren’t skeleton keys. They’re bit or barrel keys.) I’ve always lived in houses so old that the inside and even the outside doors had those antique locks and long keys that just look mysterious. I can lock my bedroom door with one of those keys. So, I suppose because of my affection for this type of key, the old-fashioned keys became a symbol for one of my vampire characters.

But all the doors are locked, and he has the keys. I dreamed and I saw his hands, white hands, long white fingers, and the key ring with the old fashioned brass keys.”

Here’s the article that prompted me to write this post. You can learn a little about the history of skeleton keys and the less-impressively named bit or barrel keys, and why they may have become popular in current jewelry fashion.


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