Stop Ignoring That Sore That Won’t Heal


It may be appear to be a mole that gets irritated by clothing and then heals and gets irritated again. It may be a red, scaly patch on an area of your body constantly exposed to the sun. It may be what appears to be a cold sore (cold sores are on the outside of your mouth or on your face, canker sores are ulcers inside your mouth) that never totally goes away. Sores that get scaly, don’t heal, bleed, or moles that change size, shape, or color need to be checked out by a doctor.

You’re more vulnerable to skin cancer than other people if you have blue eyes, light hair, and fair skin that doesn’t tan. Exposure to the sun increases those risks. But anyone of any race is vulnerable to skin cancer.

Smoking and sun exposure increase chances of getting skin cancers on and around the mouth. Skin cancers frequently occur on the forehead, temples, and around the eyes.

Depending upon your country and which side of the road is your “driving side,” you have increased sun exposure on one arm and the corresponding side of your face. In the United States, people tend to develop brown spots on the left sides of their faces, and darkening of the skin on the left forearms. We call it a “trucker’s tan.” It affects men and women and can cause skin cancer.

My mother found out today that she has a skin cancer at the corner of her mouth. Skin cancer runs in our family. We’re fair-skinned, light-haired, have blue eyes, and don’t tan. My grandfather had multiple skin cancers. My uncle had another removed about a month ago. My mother’s skin cancer looks like a cold sore and was diagnosed as a cold sore by a GP. It never went away so she finally went to a dermatologist. He took a biopsy. He says it’s treatable. It will involve minor surgery.

You have the resources at your fingers to find out how long it should take a cold sore to heal. You can read about the other types of sores that you may have that may be nothing or may be cancer. Go to the doctor and make sure that the constant aggravating skin issue that you have is not cancer.


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