Why I collect dolls


Because they all bring beauty and personality into my home.

Because some bring a long, unknown history when they come to live with me…what little girl owned the china head doll with the handmade clothes and the body stuffed with sawdust?

Because yes, I do play with them.

Because I love to take pictures of them.

Because I love discovering new dolls. A year ago, I knew nothing about Monster High. I didn’t know what a BJD was.

Because when I was a kid, the choices in dolls were fairly limited, and we were poor. I never had a Cabbage Patch doll even though they came out when I was ten and everyone else had one. I didn’t get one because I have two younger sisters and my single because my dad ran out on us Mom couldn’t afford three Cabbage Patch dolls.

Because I cut out pictures of fancy collectible porcelain dolls from magazines because I knew I’d NEVER be able to have the real doll.

Because I would have been absolutely giddy with joy if someone handed me a Monster High doll when I was ten.

Why do you collect dolls?













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