Dogs Live On Their Own Outside, Too


Stray dogs and especially packs of stray dogs are probably rarer than feral cat colonies because normal people are more frightened of strange dogs than cats. There’s a reason that the old word for the animal control officer is “dogcatcher.” A stray dog is perceived to be more likely to be dangerous, vicious, or diseased than a stray cat. In most people’s minds, a dog attack, even if the dog wasn’t very big, would cause severe injuries as opposed to a cat attack. The average person doesn’t even think of being attacked by a loose cat they pass while walking.

It’s not just cats that are victims of animal abusers. At the link below is a feel-good story about a stray dog finally tamed, taken to the vet, and given a home by a group of neighbors. It’s a mostly positive article except for the following sentence:

“Neighbors like Yuliya Avezbakiyeva and her mother, who’d been bringing Charlie food for years, thought the dog seemed more vulnerable after the pack he used to spend time with disappeared over the last half-decade.”*

What happened to the rest of the pack? Were some adopted? Picked up by animal control? Hit by cars? Succumbed to the elements, or disease, or old age?

Were they possibly victims of people with similar mental issues to the people who want to kill every outdoor cat?

It’s something to consider, and another reason to fight back against those whose only solution to cats and dogs living on their own amongst us is to kill them.

*Arin Greenwood, Huffington Post, “Dog Who Was Homeless For Ten Years Moves Into A Warm, Loving Home


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