When it goes beyond trolling


If you’re being harassed and stalked by a verbally violent, threatening person and you can’t pin them down via their IP address to report them to their local police, report them to the FBI.

That’s right. Report them to the FBI.

“But that’s going too far. It’s just some crazy troll.” Yeah, maybe crazy enough to follow through on their threats. The FBI wouldn’t have put up a page for you to report these people if they didn’t take cyber crime seriously. If the abuse continues, worsens, makes you dread reading your comments on YOUR blog, YOUR space, makes you afraid for your safety, REPORT IT.


Just remember, tell the absolute truth. Don’t exaggerate. You’ll have to show proof of what you’re reporting. But don’t be afraid to make the report if it’s gone way beyond the average witless troll trying to get a rise out of you. You’re standing up for youself, your safety, your family’s safety, and you may be preventing a crime against someone else, or a crime against an animal.



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