Euthanasia rates falling drastically at the local shelter


The very last place I would have expected to hear good news about decreasing euthanasia rates at a shelter is here, in a poor county, in a poor state, where homeless animals are the absolute last concern of most people.

But apparently I was wrong. We needed a boost from social media.

“In the 2013 fiscal year — starting July 2012 and ending June 2013 — 2,640 animals were euthanized. At the time, more animals per year were euthanized at the shelter than adopted. The total number euthanized in the 2014 fiscal year dropped to 1,434. This fiscal year, which ends in June, the Rowan County Animal Shelter is on track to euthanize 843.” (

This is TREMENDOUS news for Rowan County. This is the second of a three party story and our no-kill shelter, Faithful Friends, wasn’t mentioned.

I read about the decreasing euthanasia rates last year and it was directly attributable to the Facebook page featuring animals due to be killed imminently. People adopted many of those cats and dogs.

If we can improve the no-kill rates in this backwater county in this backwater town just because some caring people know how to use social media, it can be done anywhere.


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