We don’t count


Abuse survivors who don’t like “trigger warnings” and find them more harmful than helpful don’t seem to count to the people who want trigger warnings about everything. I can honestly say that the sure way to bring up my memories of abuse and upset me is to start talking about trigger warnings. Furthermore, I find them to be a subtle form of censorship-for example, college students refusing to read books like The Color Purple because it’s been branded with the trigger warning label.

This is unhealthy. It’s like online support groups that turn into an “us against the world” situation. I’ve been viciously verbally attacked by people in a support group because I said I don’t like trigger warnings. Now the entire subject makes me angry. It’s one thing to choose to avoid certain content yourself and quite another to insist on being warned about any and all content that may be upsetting to you. My entire life should come with a trigger warning. But I’m not trying to make other people alter their behavior because of me.

Now I expect a flood of angry, hostile comments, but this is how I feel and I don’t think I’m alone.


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