Earth Day


I am declaring it a success on this plot of land that we own. Someone came to my door with a very clever Earth Day gift: a box of vanilla candles for the duration of Earth Hour and two packets of butterfly garden wildflower seeds. We spent so much time working in the garden that we had no need to burn any candles; Earth Hour came and went while we were preparing last year’s planters, mixing last year’s potting soil with this year’s potting soil, planting the seeds for the butterflies, debating over whether butterflies would puddle in a shallow above-ground basin or if we needed to sink it and make it level with the ground (we’re leaving it above ground until the flowers grow and we observe the behavior of the butterflies) and transplanting sizable sweet pea seedlings into hanging baskets. We also planted more sunflowers because the sunflowers we planted a few weeks ago are already six inches tall and we hope to have sunflowers until the end of summer.

The cherry tomato plants are growing tall and strong, as is the lavender. We think that the spring has been too wet and cold for bulbs or that we need to dig up and replant the tulip and gladioli bulbs because they put up leaves and then turned gray and shriveled. We also have marigold seedlings and basil in abundance. We’re putting a lot of hope into the mixed wildflower seeds. This weekend we’re going shopping for clover seeds and we’re going to look for geraniums. We have two planters where nothing seems to grow well. I remembered tonight that, when my grandmother was alive, she kept geraniums in those planters.

Belated Happy Earth Day. Happy Earth Weekend.


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