Thank You


I, like probably many other people, take free online content for granted. Yes, it’s still technically free even if you have to scroll past some obnoxious ads. I’m talking about sites like Twitter and Tumblr, specifically, Tumblr. I followed the Princess of Cambridge coverage largely on Tumblr because the American press just wasn’t very interested, and most of what I saw on Twitter was kvetching and general petulance, as if this child less than 12 hours old was responsible for everything done by her ancestors and family.

I did get an alert from a Twitter account about the birth. Then I found out about the activity around the Lindo Wing from people on Tumblr. I even watched the proud parents step out for the obligatory presentation of the newborn princess to the crowds and the press on via livestream. I didn’t have to pay for that. People put their own time and trouble into all of that: the livestream, the photos, the up-to-the-minute information. They did it because they were obviously fascinated with the entire event, but also because they wanted to share their passion with others. They wanted to give others, like me, information we wouldn’t have otherwise known.

This isn’t just a post about the people who provided the Baby Cambridge 2.0 coverage yesterday. This is a post about all the educational blogs, all the animal welfare blogs, all the health support groups, all the book blogs and groups, even all the entertainment blogs. People are behind all these blogs. Many of them are receiving no compensation. Many of them don’t show their faces or use their real names.

I am so grateful that these people give us this content for free. So, thank you.


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