I was talking to someone today about our culture of entitlement and, I realized that’s a large part of the problem with Sea World supporters. They enjoy seeing the orcas perform. Their kids enjoy seeing the orcas perform. Probably they can’t afford a whale-watching cruise or vacation but if they don’t get to see the orcas in person they’re being deprived of something they deserve. Orcas and all other wildlife exist to entertain us.

Oddly, I became interested in marine life as a child, living four hours inland, after reading books by Rachel Carson. I’ve still never seen an orca or any other type of whale or a dolphin. I’ve only been to a small marine park that had a sea lion show. And that was before I saw Blackfish. I’ll never visit another marine park.

And yet, although I’ve realized that my calling in life is not to be a marine biologist, although I’ve yet to see a whale or dolphin, I still remain passionately interested in them.

The argument that children will be harmed if Sea World releases its orcas to ocean pens is facetious. I am not entitled to see an orca do tricks for a “reward” of half-thawed fish.

I am not entitled. No one is.


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