Neighborhood Cats


This is our “block cat.” We have unimaginatively named him Ginger:

2015 oct ginger 2015 oct ginger 2

Ginger isn’t neutered and has gotten into a couple of fights with indoor/outdoor cats, and he’s been making a nuisance of himself by spraying all the yard decorations on the block. My neighbor across the street is involved with a local rescue/TNR organization. She’s going to trap him and have him neutered at an upcoming spay/neuter clinic.

While I was taking pictures of Ginger this afternoon, a friend dropped by. He lives in the next block up. He said that his neighbor across the street has been trapping cats–any cat, including cats that he knows belong to people–AND SHOOTING THEM. So I went to all the houses on my block where I know there is an indoor/outdoor cat, told them about the cat killer in the next block, and my neighbor who works with the rescue group said she would call someone in her organization about him. I’m going to call Animal Control tomorrow and turn him in. Multiple reports are more likely to get action from authorities than just one. It is legal here to trap cats. IT IS NOT LEGAL TO SHOOT THEM. THIS IS THE CASE IN MOST OF THE COUNTRY NO MATTER WHAT ANTI-CAT PEOPLE WANT TO BELIEVE. It is not legal to shoot domestic animals in town/city limits and, depending on where you live, maybe not at all.

People who live around this sociopath know what he is doing but are terrified of him. He has security cameras and watches for cats on his property. This is not normal behavior. I understand that his neighbors are afraid to report him because he might come after them but something has to be done and I’m not afraid of him. He’s killed pets as well as strays. I don’t believe that we have a feral colony here because Ginger is the only cat I’ve seen who definitely doesn’t have a home. He may get one, though, because one of the other neighbors is thinking about adopting him if he’s socialized.

If you have a similar situation in your neighborhood, please visit Alley Cat Allies for advice.

Ginger doesn’t deserve to die because he lives outside. Even the owners of the cats he got into fights with don’t want him to come to harm. In fact, they are the people who are going to trap him and have him neutered and vaccinated.


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