19 Police Officers Because She Lost Her Apartment Keys



My mother is a retired police officer, one of the first female officers in her department. Reading about such blatant and terrifying police misconduct is difficult for both of us. I still take so much pride in her career and accomplishments; at the same time, I have to be honest and say that there is a serious, growing, country-wide problem with many officers and departments. I was against the militarization of the police when I saw it beginning in her department.
Yet I instantly remember all the shock and fear I felt as a teenager when my aunt came to our house and told me that my mother had been injured on the job and was at the hospital as if I was back in that moment. Injuries sustained from being attacked by a white woman involved in a domestic dispute led to my mother having surgery on her arm; other injuries she received pushing a stalled car out of the road in the rain forced her to transfer to a dispatcher position.
Talking about my mother is not meant to distract from the police misconduct, intimidation, and racism that Fay Wells experienced. It’s me as the daughter of a police officer trying to comprehend cops behaving this way.


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