Disney princesses helped make me a writer


It’s funny how people act as if Disney Princess dolls and Disney movies are the only thing that make little girls want to grow up and get married. I am totally in favor of non-gendered marketing, but these assumptions about the Disney princesses are extremely annoying. After watching Once Upon a Time from the beginning, I figured out why Snow White was always my favorite Disney princess. It wasn’t just that, when I was a kid, she was the only brunette princess. It was her story. I mean, it’s pretty exciting, the whole marked for death thing, the Huntsman defying the Evil Queen and protecting Snow White by taking a decoy heart back to the castle, Snow White making a new life in the forest with the dwarfs. It was exciting! And then she was dead! And then she wasn’t! The prince was really an afterthought for me.

Belle is my second-favorite Disney princess. She wanted adventure and she got it, and finding “twoo wuv” in the process doesn’t negate that.

Those Disney movies are what cemented my interest in folklore. I wanted to know where the stories came from. I became so fascinated in the real stories that I took folklore classes in college. I’m working on a fairy tale themed novel for adults. It’s hard because it’s all been done so many times in so many ways, but if I was able to write four vampire novels (with more planned) and give the vampire mythos my own spin, I can do this fairy tale thing. It’s a lot of work, a lot of research, but that’s okay. I want people to be enthralled by my books the way that I was with those Disney movies.

And oddly, none of that has a thing to do with sitting around waiting for someone to come along and support me for life.


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