The Woods


(2006, starring Agnes Bruckner, Patricia Clarkson, and Bruce Campbell)

Are you a fan of the original Evil Dead? Then you’ll probably like The Woods. Bruce Campbell stars in both movies, and both movies are set in demon-haunted woods and involve lots of screaming and multiple deaths.

The Woods is not nearly as gory as The Evil Dead, but it is a good old-fashioned style horror movie with a wonderful creepy atmosphere. It’s set at an all-girls boarding school in the late 1960s. I got a Grudge 2 vibe from the sinister headmistress (Clarkson) and the mean girl who starts out stereotypical but isn’t what she seems. And the calmly bizarre behavior of the adults reminded me a little of the original Wicker Man.

The movie really looks as if it was filmed in the 60s. The hairstyles, makeup, and clothing are authentic, and the lack of computers and smart phones is refreshing. The Woods isn’t a teen flick or a slasher movie. It has a real story and good acting. If you pay attention, it may become a surprise favorite.


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