For the Trolls


This is a quick message for the public, for trolls tempted to mock a stranger’s appearance or comment on what you ASS-ume to be their lifestyle/relationship status/job status, etc. based on what you can see in their profile and public photos.

Shut your fucking mouths.

The person you are talking to may be underage, depressed, someone who self-harms, someone with an eating disorder, someone with a body image disorder, someone who who is suicidal. Your smart remark that “wins the thread” may be that person’s final straw and if they harm themselves and end up in the hospital or kill themselves, you can and will be found and prosecuted. Don’t want to believe that? I’m a paralegal. What I’ve left blank in my profile is deliberate so that you know nothing about my life.

If you cyberbully/harass/stalk/tell strangers to die, the cops will get you. I have a cop in my family. I’m not kidding.

If you’ve started to type something…hit backspace, then go find a forum of people who share your interests and vent about the meanies who will track you down and put you in prison if your words harm one of their loved ones.

P.S. Think you can’t be found? I can find you. I’ve done it before, and reported people making threats to the FBI.


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