Why I’ll Never Shop At Target Again


This is an upsetting post to write, but I feel that it’s necessary information for other Target customers, particularly women. An authorized Target rep is welcome to comment on this post, but they will first have to prove that they are a Target rep. No hostile or “Target is great” comments will be published because they have no bearing on my experience.

On January 31, I ordered an item from Target. With shipping, it came to 20.32. I received a box from Target on February 3 and was very impressed . . . until I opened the box and it was the wrong item. I immediately called the number on the packing slip and spoke to a rep who said that he would send a replacement item. I received another box from Target the next day via Fedex overnight shipping. Again, I was very impressed. Until I opened the box and found the EXACT SAME INCORRECT ITEM.

I called the number on the packing slip and spoke to another rep. She emailed an e-Gift card to me. I re-ordered the item that I wanted. That was February 5. The item has not arrived. Not only has it not arrived, the shipping information has not been updated since February 6. According to online shipping and repeated calls to UPS Innovations, my item is sitting at a UPS facility in Tolleston, Arizona. Sitting. Just sitting.

What I ordered is inconsequential (Target is the upscale Walmart, after all) and it’s not the time it’s taking Target/UPS Innovations to ship my item. It’s not time-sensitive. The problem is the utter incompetence of every aspect of Target and the horrific customer “service.”

I’ve called or emailed Target and UPS every day trying to find out why this item is not in transit. I’ve posted on the Target Facebook page . . . and that is the reason for this post.

Don’t go to the Target Facebook page with a complaint, especially if you are a woman. It’s unsafe.

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve gotten the following comments (from random people hanging out on Target’s Facebook page) on my requests for help:

“You must speak fluent hillbilly.”

“Wow lady, you are CRAZY.”

“You’re a bit insane.”

“White trash alert.”

“You obviously have the emotional stability of a 5 year old.”

“Quit your bitching already.”

“Poor wittle baby haz to wait.”

“Stop acting like a spaz.”

“Must be waiting on her newest dildo. That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why you feel the need to whine on several posts for your ‘package.’ Take a Xanax and CTFU [sic]”

“You’re an annoying twunt.”

I also got a demand for my phone number from one person and a demand for my address from another. I can’t show you proof of those comments as I can the ones about because TARGET BANNED ME FROM THE PAGE WHEN I ASKED THE MODS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE TROLLS, AND ALL MY POSTS AND ALL THE COMMENTS WERE DELETED.

I’m writing this post because no one should go to a department store’s Facebook page with a complaint and get banned for complaining about cyber harassment and threats. I’m writing this post to let women in particular know NOT to go to Target’s Facebook page with any kind of complaint about service/items/shipping because it’s not safe. The moderators of the page ignored my repeated pleas to a) address my issue and b) ban the people who were harassing me.

Oddly, I don’t see similar harassment on other posts like mine, and all the harassing comments I received were remarkably grammatically correct. What I typed above is exactly what was left on my posts. Since most trolls are semi-literate, make of it what you will.

I will never shop at Target again, in a store or online. I will tell everyone I know what happened to me when I ordered from Target and I will encourage them not to shop at Target.

I encourage you not to shop at Target. If you have a complaint about an experience with Target, I STRONGLY encourage you to avoid their Facebook page because the mods do not care about people being abused on the page.

I can prove every single thing I’ve written here except for the phone number/address threats and that is Target’s fault for banning me from the page and deleting all my posts. I defy anyone from Target to prove me to be dishonest in any way.

Don’t shop at Target. They encourage sexual harassment and threats on their Facebook page and if you shop there, your money is paying the salaries of the people who let that happen.


3 thoughts on “Why I’ll Never Shop At Target Again

  1. A B

    Were you trying to buy a Monster High doll? Sorry I’m not really savvy with those dolls myself, but I know a woman in facebook who has kinda a vintage-y *toys of our memories* selling page and she has several monster high dolls athough their age or characters I do not know. They are inexpensive, one post was like 2 for 12 or something like that. As far as buying experience, she respnds to messages and questions in two shakes of a lamb’s tail (finally! the first time since moving to Texas that I managed to say that phrase!!) she is SO nice, gets things together quickly and sends them out. I have bought so much stuff from her (mostly my little ponies, but also strawberry shorkake and rainbow brite and a smooshy ole cookie monster) and it all arrived in excellent condition. Seriously some of her stuff is in better condition than things i kept from my childhood! Well if you are looking for a freshly newly out doll then I apologize this infor may not help but if you would also like to look at monster high furnitures and odds and ends, I have seen them there. The FB page is called “Jessica’s Fleamarket” – it is closed but all one has to do is the little request for add. And heck if she added me she’ll add anyone! I kid. Sorta:) I dunno, does this help at all?

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