Took care of the cyberstalkers


I found the IP address of the person who left the comment. And she had stupidly created a fake WordPress site with her work email address. I tracked her back to the Twitter account set up to harass me. And once I confirmed that it was her, I called her job.

She has locked the fake account now, and deleted the tweet that connected the two of them. Yes, I can see that. It doesn’t matter. I have screenshots of everything. I changed my passwords and ran virus and malware scans.

I know that she has access to private information known only to me and Target reps, so I will continue to pursue a case against Target until I find her or her friend or her partner or her brother in the Target organization.

I know she’s reading this and she knows she messed up. She needs to know this as well: I am watching her Twitter account and if I see any more mentions of me, I will call her job again . . . but this time I won’t call your friend in marketing. And this time, I’ll call during business hours.

You should consider yourself lucky. You committed multiple felonies and I can prove it. You’re going to stay away from me for the rest of your life. If you ever, ever come near me again in any sense of the word, I will use the information I already have on you and I will sue you and I will take your house and car and savings.

Get help. There’s no rhyme or reason to what you did. You have a problem and the next time you pick a victim, it may cost you your job. You’re sick. Now your sick obsession with me is over.

Because I. Said. So.


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