10 Feet Taller


I could make comments about males who are obsessed with size, but I won’t. I’ll just address Donald Trump’s newest claim that the imaginary wall between Mexico and the U.S. just got an imaginary 10 feet taller.

The U.S./Mexico border starts in the Pacific ocean, spans the Gulf of California, and extends into the Gulf of Mexico. But, Don Donald, it’s going to take more than ten feet to extend all the way down to the ocean floor.

The U.S./Mexico border is just over 1900 miles long. A wall is not doable by anyone, nor should it be done. Yes, illegal immigration should be addressed, but this is not the way. You spout a lot of hyper-macho nonsense that people like to hear, but you have no plans. How will you force Mexico to pay for this un-buildable wall? By ending tourism between the U.S. and Mexico? By not allowing products from Mexico to be sold in the U.S.? Even that wouldn’t provide enough capital to build this wall.

You’re delusional. You haven’t got a single solid detailed plan for any of the things you promise. You’re a modern-day snake-oil salesman. You use an abnormal speech pattern to captivate and hook your audiences . . . repetitive phrases, sentence fragments, referring to yourself in the third person, changing subjects abruptly without giving people time to fully absorb what you just said. You, sir, are a con man. You are not presidential material. You are not even president of the local Historical Society material. You couldn’t get a picket fence built, let alone a fence that spans the length of the U.S./Mexico border.

The only reason that you’ve gotten this far is you’re a loudmouth bully who gets ratings and you’ve gotten hundreds of hours of free airtime because conservatives love you and liberals are appalled by you. You’re making a mockery of the campaign process and if you, by some dry heave of the universe, become President, you’ll run down the office, down into the muck where you live, and you’ll almost certainly be impeached and removed from office for some crass violation. And all of this will be for naught.


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