Collars for cats with neck irritation


Crafty Tagz Homemade Breakaway Collars and Sliding ID Tags

I know a lot of my writer friends have cats, and I thought you might be interested in this Etsy shop. My cat Justin has very fine hair and I realized that he was constantly scratching at his Walmart collar to the point that he had scabs all the way around his neck. But I couldn’t let him go without a collar because he’s the one always hanging around the door trying to slip out. So, I googled “soft collars.”

The best result was a pink fleece collar from The shop owner also sells engraved ID tags that slide onto the collar like a belt buckle instead of hanging in the cat’s food or water dish. (Nothing you can do about the rabies tag hanging down but at least this way the ID tag isn’t dangling too.) The collars come with a bell. They are available in a range of basic colors. They are incredibly soft and look professionally made. The breakaway fastener is just tight enough . . . it’s easy for me to remove but would have to catch on something for the cat to slip out of it. Before I bought the collars from CraftyTagz, I bought two from Kmart and neither of them even latched. It was ridiculous.

Both of my cats needed new collars. Kumo doesn’t get the skin irritation problem–probably because his fur is so dense–but his collar was old enough that it was worn out. So I bought a pink collar for Justin because he has one pink ear and his nose and toes are pink, and I bought a royal blue collar for Kumo. I got red ID tags in the smallest size for both of them. The smallest ID tags are exactly the width of the collar.

Within three weeks of wearing his new collar, Justin’s skin irritation healed up. I’m amazed. And he looks so cute in his pink collar. Kumo had to have an extra-long collar because he’s a Maine Coon. He looks very regal in his royal blue collar. If you decide to order a collar from CraftyTagz, please be sure to measure your cat’s neck and his or her old collar. If they have long, thick fur, they may need a collar a few inches longer than a standard collar. The fleece is easy to adjust but doesn’t leave you with as much extra length as a store-bought collar.

Now, for the price. I bought two collars and two engraved ID tags and the cost, altogether, was probably less than buying two collars and ID tags at a big box pet store. And Justin isn’t scratching his neck raw.

If your cat experiences skin irritation or hair loss due to wearing a store-bought collar, I strongly encourage you to give CraftyTagz a try. The collars are high-quality, the shop owner is very nice, and she ships quickly.


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