Who wants something for free?


I’m so sick of hearing lies about the poor, the unemployed, the people who have jobs but don’t make enough to live on their own or to feed and care for their families without food stamps and Medicare and “Obamacare,” which people in many red states can’t get because their bigoted legislatures oppose anything that President Obama proposes on perverse “principles.”

I’ve had two jobs in the last 5 years where I’ve had to deal with greedy employers who wanted something for nothing. Who thought that because I’m “lucky” to work for them, I should do extra work for free. I should work from home after work for free. I should go to “networking events” in the evening, on my personal time, for free. I should go out in the rain at ten o’clock at night to check on an alarm going off at the business (hello, call 911!) I should break rules and jeopardize my job to save them money.

I don’t work that way.

Being lower-middle class doesn’t mean that I have no morals or that I’m stupid. I’m not going to lie and bend rules for rich people who think it’s their divine right to have everything laid out easy for them. I’m not going to jeopardize my job for rich people who made a mistake and don’t want to have to admit it and spend all of $13 fixing it.

I am not disposable. These people I’ve described seek me out for my skills and experience. Then they get their backs up when I stand up for myself and say NO. You’ll have to pay me if you want me to work overtime. NO. I won’t break the rules to cover up your mistake and risk your supervisor firing me.

I’m tired of being victimized by the greedy rich. I work hard, physically and from behind a computer screen and I deserve protection at work. At will? At whim is more like it.


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