I’m baaack


I have, naturally, been keeping an eye on my cyberstalkers and their Twitter activity, since that is where they chose to attack me publicly. I was less than jubilant to discover that one has returned to Twitter and her personal account.

Now, does she have a right to be on Twitter? Nope. Not after I proved to Twitter Support (useless) that she has multiple identities and that she set up a sock puppet account just to harass and libel me. I’m not speaking to her directly because she’s the wussy spineless type who cries “Harassment!” when confronted with irrefutable evidence of her own criminal activity.

One of her libelous statements was something to the effect that I am on SSDI and unemployment and I lay around all day using resources (reporting cybercrime to IC3) that should only be used by good honest cyberstalkers who goof off on Twitter to get through their 9-5 workweek.

It puzzled me for weeks. Why did she dream up my being on SSDI and receiving unemployment as a way to libel me? Because some bigots think that receiving disability or unemployment amounts to stealing from the government. I was also amazed that she actually thought that someone who is unemployed doesn’t have the right to report crimes to law enforcement. That goes beyond the right-wing dipshittery about only property owners should be able to vote.

Then it hit me, and it all goes back to Target. I made a Target purchase online, got horrible service over the phone, got even worse service on Target’s Facebook page, and she somehow fixated on me through my posts on Target’s Facebook page. I know where she works, and it isn’t Target. I know where she works because when her partner in cyberstalking set up a fake WordPress account to harass me, he did it while she was still signed into WordPress with her work email address, and she interacted with the sock puppet account on Twitter with an account she uses to promote the company where she works.

It hit me that I made the Target purchase with my mother’s debit card and that these cyberstalking halfwits somehow got a look at my mother’s bank account activity and saw that she (at age 68) receives Social Security and retirement from the State of North Carolina for working at the police department for 26 years.

I’m 43. I’ve been working since I was 15. I’ve never received disability payments or unemployment.

So speaking directly to my cyberstalkers: I’ve turned everything over to my mother’s bank. She closed her account and opened a new one. You didn’t just harass me, you scared my 68 year old mother. Badly. As I said on Twitter, next time I won’t call your boss. Next time, I’ll sue your boss because I have screenshots that prove at least some of this cyberstalking was done while YOU were supposed to be . . . performing managerial duties in your department. I’ll sue your boss because I talked to the lawyers who handle your employer’s business matters and I told them about the bank account hacking.

I bet you’re sweating now. Good. Here’s something else to make you as anxious as you made me FOR NO REASON for weeks: you blocked me from seeing your Twitter account, and my close friends that you followed with your fake account, but all my friends on Twitter know who you are and they all know how to take screenshots too, cupcake. And they sent them to me.

I don’t want to see any further activity on your Twitter account. I’m calling the cops where YOU live if you start up with me again. And in addition to suing your boss, I’ll sue you. Oh, I have a job. But when someone commits the level of criminal activity that you have, you should lose all your assets. They should all go to the people you harassed.

Stay off Twitter. I don’t like you being there. I don’t care if you or anyone else think that’s unfair. My mother and I are the ones you victimized and as far as we’re concerned, your opinion means as much as a flying fuck in a whirlwind.


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