International Women’s Day


I’m a day late, as usual!

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I’d just like to honor some of the women who have made big impressions on my life:

My mother

My grandmother

My favorite cousin

Mary Magdalene

Sister Mary John, the principal of my Catholic school

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Michelle Obama

Diana, Princess of Wales

Rachel Carson

Angela Carter

Sylvia Plath

Alice Walker

Emily Dickinson

Sojourner Truth

Malala Yousafzai

Anaïs Nin

Starhawk (Wiccan, author)

Tanith Lee

Amy Brown (artist)

Jasmine Beckett-Griffith (artist)

Susan Seddon Boulet

Sulamith Wulfing

Frida Kahlo

Stevie Nicks (and her longtime backup singers, Lori Perry Nicks and Sharon Celani)

Emmylou Harris

Gillian Welch

Annie Lennox

Rhiannon Giddens (singer and musician)

Siouxsie Sioux

Tori Amos

Wendy Davis (D, TX)

Nina Turner (former Ohio state senator)

Gabbie Giffords

Rachel Maddow

Ginnifer Goodwin (actress)

Kirsten Vangsness (actress)

Carrie Fisher

Gillian Anderson

Jodie Foster

I’m sure that I’m going to think of ten more great women as soon as I post this, but I have stop at some point!


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