Please disallow pop-ups on your mobile sites


This is a free blog. I know there are ads. I can’t do anything about that. But big websites can, and choose not to.

I don’t expect much from junk “news” sites, but when it’s a real site like the following, I cannot believe they don’t know that the popup ads begging visitors to sign up for emails from the site prevent people from viewing the content that made them tap the link on their phone to begin with.

I cannot watch this video or read the accompanying article on the latest iOS because of the site’s own “sign up! Share with friends!” popups that defeat their own purpose. The site either crashes or continually reloads.

Excessive self-promotion always makes a website look like junk. It’s annoying, impenetrable, and turns off visitors. Why? Why do they do it?

Because someone in marketing thought it would be a good idea.

I’ve got some bad news for businesses that live by what the marketing people push. I’ve watched a small business with great possibilities crash and burn because of someone with a marketing degree who did not have the slightest clue about the real people in said market.

Stop it, website owners. We’re fed up. We don’t want to have to download possibly suspect ad blockers just to get to your content. We WANT to read your content, but quite frankly, your sites are like a magazine full of subscription cards and perfumed ads. You are defeating yourselves.

Please don’t be the stinking magazine we want to read but have to toss in the trash because it’s just too intrusive.


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