My Snark Free Doll Community


I really want to talk dolls and show off doll pictures but I really hate the nasty attitudes one inevitably encounters in the “official” doll community. It’s really no different than being in a traditional doll club and having people tolerate you but look down on your dolls because they’re just barely antiques or too common. Sooo, here’s the link to my Facebook page again:

Ever After Monstrous Fairy Tales

I decided to keep the name but combine it with the All Kinds of Dolls page content so I only have to moderate one page.

It’s hard to come up with a title that includes everything, but it’s basically all vinyl and plastic dolls and toys (MH, EAH, Barbie, Disney, My Little Pony–Bronies welcome, Bratz) etc. etc. You can also post illustrations of your dolls.

I have two rules:

Be nice and

No doll nudity. It may be against Facebook’s TOS, and it bothers some people.

All repaint artists welcome. Since the Monster High reboot, I’ve gotten interested in repaints.

If you have any questions, leave a comment!


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