Obscure regional slang!


I was going to make this about Southern slang but most of the people I know aren’t in the South. I’ll start with the type of thing I’m looking for (this is just for fun.)

Slang: Galnipper. Derivative of Gallinipper, a giant mosquito that inflicts huge painful bites. Typical for Southern slang, a galnipper is at least partially the opposite of the real word. What we call a galnipper is a crane fly. It does look like a giant mosquito, but it doesn’t bite and actually eats mosquitoes. We don’t kill them. We leave them in the house, or relocate them outside if our STUPID CATS are stalking them.

Your turn!


2 thoughts on “Obscure regional slang!

  1. Is that what those are? I call them “mosquito eaters.” They tend to show up in my bathroom during warmer months, and I do my best to catch them in a glass and take them outside and release them. They seem so delicate.

    • I was really surprised. Apparently someone mixed them up a long long time ago. But we’ve always known that they weren’t mosquitoes and that they ate mosquitoes. It is very hard to catch one without injuring it. I use your glass method and slide a couple of pieces of paper under the glass so it can’t fly out. That’s my go-to bug catch and release technique. One of my cats will stalk any bug in the house and cry until I see it and do something about it. The other–the big gray one–is oblivious.

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