Witholding Judgment


Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness and a vegan at some point in his life. At the beginning of his career, he reportedly made a decision not to drink or do drugs. I don’t believe he kept to that 100%. He was a pop star. Rock star. Icon. Whatever, that’s a lot of pressure. I was told–and I’m trying to track down the source of the info–that he may have developed anxiety severe enough to cause him to self-medicate. I have severe anxiety, and it messes up your mind. If you can afford doctors, you may not trust them, or you may just be ashamed to ask for help. If you don’t have money, self-medication for anxiety is a way of life.

As far as we know now, Prince was single and living and recording at Paisley Park and had lived that way for years. Not healthy for someone with anxiety, but when you have anxiety you don’t know that it’s not healthy. IF he accidentally overdosed trying to deal with his anxiety alone, it doesn’t make him a druggie. He also needed hip replacement surgery from years of dancing onstage in high-heeled boots, but refused to have the surgery because Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in blood transfusions and any surgery carries the possibility of the need for a blood transfusion. This all makes him a person who needed help.

I’ve lived with a druggie. They hurt other people. He–as far as we know–didn’t harm anyone but possibly himself. He had turned to religion and essentially renounced the oversexed performances most of us remember. He was living much like John Lennon was before he was murdered. He was very private, but at the same time he was a fixture in his neighborhood. He was at an age where a lot of people re-evaluate their lives and lifestyles.

I think we need to wait before we start using labels like “druggie.” This post expounds upon a Facebook post that I just left in response to someone who said that he might have been a druggie. I know people will disagree with my definitions of “druggie” and self-medicating, but I don’t really care. I’ve seen both up close and personal. I know there’s a mindset that makes a difference. People will disagree with that. Again, that’s fine, but I had to throw a thieving, abusing, violent drug addict with a long criminal history out of my house, so I think I have a little experience with the subject.


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