An open letter to Gov. Pat McCrory re: HB2


The Honorable Patrick Lloyd McCrory

Governor of North Carolina

North Carolina Executive Mansion

Township of Raleigh

State of North Carolina

Dear Governor McCrory:

I am a 43 year old cis woman born and raised in NC. I lived in NY for seven years. Drove to NC alone TWICE, stopped at every other rest stop along the way. I have never in my life been assaulted, flashed, menaced, whatever in a public bathroom. I was sexually harassed at work and fired after I reported it. I was followed into the public library stacks by a middle school classmate who attempted to assault me. I was patted on the rear by a grown man in a grocery store toy aisle when I was 11. I can’t leave my front door open for air anymore because my neighbor’s boyfriend comes over asking to borrow things and the last time, he tried to force his way in, putting his foot in the storm door so I couldn’t close it. But I have never been harassed in a public bathroom and I beg you, Governor McCrory, please listen to me and all the other women like me, and don’t use us as excuses for whatever motivations you have for signing HB2 into legislation.

We do not need this protection. We feel it is just discrimination against LGBT people. We feel that North Carolina must change with the times or be left in the past. I’m looking for a better job, one that will allow me to take care of my 68 year old mother. One of those jobs we lost due to HB2 could have been mine. Please stop this purposeless war with the DOJ. This has nothing to do with President Obama or partisan politics. We are begging you (and we should not have to beg, you were elected to serve EVERYONE in NC and you are NOT doing that) for jobs, an expansion of Medicaid, and the continuation of social safety nets like SNAP. I would never have gotten on my feet after leaving my abusive husband if not for SNAP and yes, it took me more than three months to find a job.

Now I want to find a better job, move to a different part of NC, and take care of my mother. And my chances of doing that have drastically decreased due to your stance on HB2. Now I’m looking at leaving the state. I don’t want to do that. Don’t make me do that. Please comply with the DOJ and reverse your stance on HB2.

Thank you,

Robin D. Ashe


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