Adopting a kitten? Please make room for Mom, too.


So this cat has been appearing on my porch every evening. She’s very thin, and I thought she was another community cat. I also thought that she was pregnant because her lower abdomen felt full and her, well, kitty breasts seemed rather large. We started leaving out food and water for her, and I got a picture of her, made a sign and put it on my maple tree so her owner would know she was hanging around my house. I knew that she had belonged to someone because she walked right into my house when I opened the door to go in.

2016 may tori

I have two male cats. One is 10, large, aggressive, and possessive of me. The other is neurotic. Probably because of the other cat. Anyway, although I wanted to take in Tori, as I started calling her because she’s a tortoiseshell, I knew it wouldn’t work out.

Today I found out that she belongs to my new neighbor (who has apparently never walked past my house or she would have seen my sign) and she goes in and out and can Houdini her way out of any collar. Now, here’s the important part.

My neighbor and her kids went to the shelter to adopt a kitten. Tori, whose real name is Callie, had already had kittens and all but one had been adopted. My neighbor and her kids decided to take the last kitten, who was about five weeks old and had been bottle-fed by the wonderful shelter employees and volunteers because Callie’s milk never came in, probably because she’s so young. When they took the kitten, Callie followed them crying and meowing, and my neighbor decided she couldn’t stand to separate them so she adopted Callie too. Now they have Callie and little Sallie, and I’m sure that they’ll both be roaming my yard in a couple of months.

I’m very glad that Callie’s other kittens were adopted. And I’m so glad that she got a furever home with her last kitten. If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten and the mother is also available, please, please consider adopting both of them. It’s completely understandable that most people can’t adopt an adult cat and several kittens, but if it’s just Mom Cat and one baby left . . . remember that animals do have feelings, they do care about their young, and the trauma of having the rest of the litter taken away can be lessened somewhat if the mother cat is allowed to stay with one of the kittens.

(Edited for typos-yikes!)


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