Bee hopeful


Last year I saw one bumblebee at a time, twice. This year I’m already seeing multiple small bees at once. We have clover this year, last year we had none; the man at Tractor Supply (they don’t sell dutch clover, don’t bother) said that clover growth is dependent on the weather. Apparently we have the right weather this year. We had late freezes,  a hot spell, and now pleasant days and nights in the high forties.

We have nandina bushes. They’re quite tall and old, and starting to flower. The little–they’re half the size of a full-grown bumblebee–bumblebees love the nandina and the lavender. They’ll dive at me if I get too close taking pictures, but they’re all bzzz and no bite.

I don’t know where the nest is, so we won’t be altering anything on the property, even though we have a dead and a half-dead dogwood that need to come down. The half-dead dogwood has a hole at the base of the trunk. I wonder if they’re in there. I don’t know much about bumblebees except that they nest in the ground.

Still not one honeybee. That’s frightening.

2016 may bumblebee2016 may bumblebee 2


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