Five Reasons to Love Short Hair


You Overslept

You can roll out of bed, spend less than five minutes with mousse and hairspray, and head out the door.

Open Windows and Convertibles Are Your Friends

You’ll be the only one not freaking out about untangling your hair after the drive.

The Beach is More Fun

You can swim without first containing your hair, or dealing with heavy wet hair. You can walk on the beach in the wind without your hair in your eyes. And you’ll look super stylish with your big sunglasses and short cut.

Ah, Summer

Gardening. Mowing. Walking. Jogging. Biking. It’s all so much more pleasant without hair on the back of your neck or hanging over your shoulders.

You Just Like It Short

Most women have or have had someone important in their life who loves long hair . . . a parent or a romantic partner. That’s great, but long hair isn’t sentient. I’ve known several women who had short hair, started dating someone new, and grew it out to please the new partner. Or, the woman was in a relationship and wanted to get a short cut but didn’t for fear of upsetting their partner.

I know how that feels, and it doesn’t feel good. I think that people should love you no matter how long or short your hair is. And I personally would rather hear “You look great!” than “Your hair looks great!”

Do you wear your hair up all the time? I used to, until I started getting headaches and I felt like my hair was being pulled out of my scalp. I had a friend with very long hair. She wore it up in a bun for years until the weight of it left her with a permanent bald spot. That’s an extreme case, but I had been wearing my waist-length hair up for so many years that I worried about the same thing.

I didn’t go straight into a pixie cut. I had my hair cut so that it fell to my collarbones, and I had it layered. Then my stylist observed that my hair had some natural wave when it wasn’t so long and heavy, so I had it cut to fall just below my chin, and I scrunched it with mousse and let it air-dry. It was nicely wavy. But I always wanted that pixie cut, and when Once Upon a Time debuted and I saw Ginnifer Goodwin without her Snow White wig, I went straight to the salon with a picture of her.

I’ve had super short cuts with baby bangs and pixies with long layers over the last few years, and I think my best cut is somewhere in between. Last year, I tried to grow my hair out to flapper bob length, but I hated it. I was using a flat iron to try to get the cowlicks under control. I don’t like burning my hair, and it’s just not ever going to look good longer and straight without some kind of heated styling instrument.

I just don’t want to go back to that.

Yes, short cuts require regular maintenance. I go to the salon every two weeks and have the back trimmed. I have my hair cut out over my ears. I like to keep that neat. I do different things with my bangs. Every six weeks, I get a haircut. My hair grows very fast, and the layers get heavy.

I like wearing backless tops and dresses and not worrying about putting my hair up in some fashion. I like pulling my hooded New York sweatshirt over my head without worry about messing up my hair. I like the fact that my styling products last forever because I only have to use a tiny amount every day.

Short hair isn’t for everyone. It depends on your hair’s texture, whether it lends itself easily to shorter styles. If I had the real curls that some of my friends have, I’d keep my hair long. My hair just kind of hangs like curtains when it’s long.

So I believe I’ll keep my short hair and enjoy the breeze on the back of my neck.

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