A Nightlight


sidewalk 1I have no profound words for today.

I did what I suspect a lot of other people did . . . I walked away from social media and the television. I did small necessary things around the house, then went outside and started watering plants. The kids next door and their friends were in their back yard. The younger kids are trying to tag along after the older kids and getting involved in teenage drama that doesn’t concern them. I’ve known some of these kids for going on six years. When they were little, they would come to my house and ask to come in and see my cats and play the piano. Now, they’re in-between and they still want to do those things, but it’s not cool.

My neighbor came over and we sat on the porch and talked about the younger kids and the way things used to be. I’ve seen her granddaughters around every weekend but hadn’t been introduced to them. They both came over to my house with my neighbor’s youngest son. The older girl introduced herself. We got down to business.

I got out the sidewalk chalk and we decorated the sidewalk from my house to my neighbor’s house with butterflies, doodles of Elsa and Anna, a green cat that started out as an elf, Spongebob, Patrick, Gary, various emojis, and my neighbor’s son’s vision of the iPhone in the year 2025.

sidewalk 2

Then the older granddaughter went into my neighbor’s house, came out with a canning jar, and the three of them started catching fireflies. “I don’t need a nightlight,” the little boy said, but I think that he does.

I think we all do.

sidewalk 3


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