Teach a person not to get phished


I believe that everyone who uses the Internet should keep up with what’s happening in the world of cybercrime, what the new scams are, what old scams have been revived, and how anti-virus and anti-malware companies are working to combat them. Ransomware is the biggest threat to businesses right now, but just because you’re an individual and you don’t take your laptop or other device to work doesn’t mean you’re immune. You should absolutely have a paid antivirus service and you should have at least the free version of Malwarebytes.

The phishing email is a tried and true method of getting into your bank account. Cybercriminals have made it harder to tell if that link in the email that appears to have come from Paypal, or your bank, really goes where it’s supposed to. Please read the article below and remember to always access a website through the site, not through a link in an email. If you have an anti-virus program like Norton, you probably have some type of “safe search” feature that shows you trusted and known malicious sites if you google the site’s name instead of typing it into the address bar. Remember, one wrong letter can lead you to a phishing site.

“Advanced phishing tactics used to steal PayPal credentials”

(missing–haha–link added, typos corrected, I hate the WordPress app -RDA)



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