Can you donate just one book?


Not money, just one book for a school library?

Can you imagine the shelves in your junior high/high school library mostly empty, and the books taking up the little space published sixteen or more years before you were born? The classics, yes, but other than that, obsolete science books and teen novels from the 1970s and 1980s?

There’s a school library just like that in Nevada, in the Sierra Nevada/Cascade Mountain Range. Sounds like a beautiful place, a place Laura Ingalls Wilder might have described in one of her books . . . or a place you struggled to get through when you were playing Oregon Trail. But it’s a real town, population 1200, 200 children in the school system, with a nearly empty high school library.

You can read the details in the blog post at the link below. But what they need is a book. Particularly books in series, books of poetry, history, science, books by authors of color, but really any modern (published since 2000) book to fill up their shelves. I went to Goodwill today and bought 11 YA novels for about $15. No matter where you are, you can ship a book or books to the school via Media Mail. Media Mail cost is based only on weight. You just can’t have anything in the parcel other than educational or reading materials.

You don’t have to donate your book or books by media mail, but it’s probably the best option if you’re sending several books.

And–this is really great–if you’re a YA author, the library would love for you to donate your own book or books.

So let’s pull together, fellow writers and readers, and fill up this school library. Because where would any of us be without libraries?

Just One Book


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