Tragedy and trolling


Normally, I am all for telling trolls exactly where to stick it. But at a time like this, when so many people are overwhelmed, in pain, and righteously angry, engaging the trolls only makes the emotional pain worse. I think that the best way to deal with trolls right now is to block and report them. I also think that when we see other people being harassed, attacked, or threatened, we should report the abusive accounts. The more reports, the greater the probability of the account being suspended.

If you have anxiety, depression, OCD, are bipolar, or are living with other mental health issues and you’ve been open about this online, the scumbags of the Internet are more likely to focus on you. Do not let them harm your mental health. Block them. You have a right to be online if you want to. They do not have a right to attack you. You are doing nothing wrong. You are also doing nothing wrong by walking away from the computer or putting down your phone. You are also doing nothing wrong by not tweeting or sharing what’s on the news. Everyone knows what’s on the news. If you want to talk about something else, you should do so, and no one should criticize you.

Temporarily locking your account may be a good solution if you want to keep talking to your friends while avoiding trolls and racists. Setting up a private account is another option.

Don’t let pathetic losers make you more upset than you already are.


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