Got vampire ennui?


So you’re burned out by the overused tropes in vampire fiction. You have caught vampire ennui. I am also burned out. Let me tell you why.

I am burned out from people dismissing my work and the work of my friends out of hand because they’re sick of books based on a certain wildly popular series of a few years ago that bears absolutely no resemblance to my books except for the (mis)use of the word “vampire.”

But the tropes, you say. Oh, the overused tropes. Like what?

Vampire seeks reincarnated lover? Not to be found in my books.

Obvious vampire moves into small town, decimates population? Not in my books.

Sexy person kills vampires yet loves a vampire and hates him/herself? Not in my books.

Self-hating, emo vampire? Not in my books.

Teens track down, kill 1,000 year old vampire? Not in my books.

Vampire goes to high school? NOT IN MY BOOKS.

So what are these tropes, if not the ones I’ve listed?

Eternal life?



To me, “I’m burned out on traditional vampire tropes” sounds like “I want to read ghost stories about ghosts that aren’t dead.”

Everyone who loves and writes vampires puts their own spin on the vampire mythos. Equating all vampire books with Series That Shall Not Be Named is like equating all ghost stories with Casper.

Yes, there are other supernatural/otherworldly characters I like to write about, but none I love in the way that I love the vampire’s combination of immortality, power, history, vitality, and awful need for companionship with us.

Or at least that’s how it is in my books.

I’m not giving up on seven years of work because of an outbreak of vampire ennui.


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