“Would you give up your friends for your hobby?”


This is a question I saw posted on a Facebook page by someone whose relationship had just ended. The “hobby” was just one of many factors in the breakup. But I was appalled that this person would be so crass as to put a POLL on Facebook after the breakup, attempting to play the former couple’s friends against the other partner. This is not how one behaves after a breakup. This is not adulting.

The other reason that I was appalled was that the “hobby” in question is not a hobby. It’s an amazing creative talent, and the person with the talent finally decided to stop dreaming and take a concrete step towards making a go of it. And instead of support from the significant other, they got . . . a poll on Facebook. Because turning the hobby into a possible business venture was so threatening to the other partner that this was the final schism in the relationship.

No one deserves this. It’s bad enough to be abandoned just for finally doing one thing for yourself, but to have it broadcast to your friends and family on Facebook?

That’s disgusting. It’s passive-aggressive, it’s manipulative, it’s dishonest . . . I could go on, but I’ll just finish this up by saying that breakups are hard enough without attempting to use social media to make one partner out to be the bad guy and take away their support system.

Although friends who would be swayed by such a sleazy move were never friends to begin with.


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