Monster High doll boxes? Fabulous collage!


This is SUCH a fun project, and so easy. It’s time consuming, depending on how many boxes you have, but totally worth it. I think putting mine together took about three hours. Okay, first here’s the finished collage that now adorns my bedroom door:

MH door collage 1

MH door collage 2

I only have 26 MH dolls. Two are repaints (and I have another repaint on layaway, SQUEE!) My favorites are Draculaura, Elissabat, Clawdeen, Frankie, and Honey, although I will buy another doll if it appeals to me. But I really tried to build my collection around those five dolls. So that’s why my collage is repetitive. (Also, I just love vampires.)

I have Frightfully Tall Draculaura and Elissabat. I used their boxes as the basis for the collage. I did no cutting except for cutting off a couple of tabs. I just unfolded the boxes. I taped most of the tabs to the backs of the boxes.

One of the frustrations I encountered was that some of the smaller box art (the character graphics like Honey) couldn’t be removed from the plastic without tearing them. Thankfully, I got Honey, Ghoul Fair Elissabat, and original Clawdeen off without damage. But basically, it was simply a matter of unfolding all the boxes, laying them out on the bed, taping the two big boxes together (use duct tape) and then taping the smaller boxes and art from the boxes onto the big boxes in a way that covered all the writing. I used masking tape for that. Your collage will be heavy. Use duct tape to attach it to your door or wall. LOTS of duct tape.

A couple of the boxes had places that said “fully poseable.” I had the three reflective MH patches and used those to cover those spots. And (you can see this best in the second picture) I taped a black hairbrush to the table between Clawdeen and Frankie. Because the cool thing about making the collage this way, unfolding the boxes, is that it’s three-dimensional. And think of all the other accessories you could add!

If you take the time to tape everything together securely, you can remove the collage, move it, even store it, although you’d probably have to get one of those long, flat plastic bins that fit under the bed. That would be the best way to transport it.

So if you have a closet full of boxes like I did, let your creativity run wild and make a one of a kind collage. And please post pics or links to your collages because I’d love to see them.


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